Aleksandr Perevertaylo perfumer, creative director:

"I was born in Kakhovka, in the south of Ukraine. This is practically the steppe, blooming in spring, summer and fall dry and very aromatic. Since childhood I was surrounded by a very special world of flavors and odors. I always wondered what it smells like the wind, dry or fresh foliage, street after a rain, the neighbor's apartment, the river, people and the surrounding air and any oher things. Separate, passionate interest aroused contents of the shelf, on which stood the father's and mother's perfume bottles. Result was a naive attempt to create my own perfume. As the empty bottle from my father's cologne were squeezed a few sprigs of thyme and filled with vodka. Result is predictable, but the first attempt made me realize what I want to do.
After a long time I started collecting perfumes and travel a lot. From distant countries, I began to bring perfume components in the form of oils, resins, pieces of wood and spices. After returning home from the raw material I did tinctures and extracts, experimented with mixing, bought synthetic ingredients and studied a lot of special literature. So I came to the creation of fragrances is not such naive and simple, as the first attempt to make a cologne "Thyme"."

In 2012 , I am a self-taught perfumer, founded an independent brand of perfume PARTISAN PARFUMS, based in Dnipro city, Ukraine.
Creating fragrances, I dont track trends, and rely only on my emotions, experience and expertise in various fields such as music, literature, photography, art, etc. These fragrances - original reaction to the world around me .

The fragrances of the brand I refer to as unisex. They are available in a concentration of perfumed water and are available in bottles of 35ml. This form of registration allows you to always have a favorite flavor at hand , no matter where you are at any given time .

To create a fragrance around the world is looking for the best natural and synthetic raw materials. All stages of production are carried out fragrances me manually.